Monday, June 15, 2009

After some frustration, I have the smallest amount of progress, and thought I'd post it. Others may have similiar issues.

I've been having issues with the bootloader which can be configured to automatically reset the STM32 chip in flash mode, without the need to change the chip from bootload mode to flash mode and then push the reset button. In my case, a lot of the times after my code changes, the chip doesn't boot from the bootloader, and I have to change to flash mode and reset.

I'm pretty sure that the problem is with the C "linker" that was default for my project, so I've been looking off an on over the last several days for the linker script file, which is supposed to tell the C compiler where the different variables, constants, RAM based and Flash based code should be put within the STM32's 4 GB potential address space.

In my project, there is a default link file enabled, and I searched on it a couple of times, trying to find it so I could check the file contents and settings. Alas, it was reported not found by windows file search program.

Today, I did a more exhaustive manual directory search, and found some of the Raisonance sample projects have a normal link file, and some have a .elf.ld link file. This will be due to the different memory usages ofthe different Raisonance code samples.

I kept looking, and found a generic script file that was almost the same as that in the project defaults, only with the second and third letters of the file name transposed.

Just one small, but infuriating little error. I don't know that I would have the patience to develop on a platform like this if I was younger, and had not had the winning experiences I've had with assembler in 8-bit microcontroller platforms, but I don't loose sight of the promise at the end of this project. The C language itself is not bad, it makes a lot of use of symbols in a tightly packed manner, and so you can end up having an extremely dense piece of code fitting into one line, but then you can end up surrounding it with a { on the preceeding line, and a } on the line following to tidy the look of your code. Weird.

So, I now know where the linker configuration file is, and what it's real name is, I can move it to my project directory and fiddle with it. There's a lot of waffle in it...*

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